We Build Your Farm’s Bridge to Tomorrow While Increasing Production Today


The FarmReign Advantage:


1.  We make technology work for you instead of you working to understand the technology. You focus on farming.


2. We provide custom solutions to meet your needs in the field and beyond.


3. We combine friendly, customer-oriented service with practical knowledge and expertise in both agriculture operations and technology to provide you with a seamless solution to increase yield, year-in and year-out.


You can't afford to farm in the past.

We are here to take you and your business to your future.

Our farm average went up significantly this year, and we attribute a big part of that our precision planting products. The ears were all exactly the same size. If we ever do another planter we’ll be putting the full suite of Precision Planting products on it and working with FarmReign.
— Shane Galles in Yuma, CO
This system allowed us to double our speed and get them planted in half the time. This year we have seen the best stands in the field we have ever had by far. The ROI of this system is awesome.
— Aaron Frank in Kirk, CO


We pride ourselves on not being salesmen purely focused on the "sale." We believe FarmReign is successful if your farm receives more value than we ask for in our bill. It's not about maximizing the size and number of sales. It's about maximizing value to our customers, and we believe the rest will take care of itself. 



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