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With a passion for agriculture and creating solutions that make a difference, FarmReign was born in 2011 in the back room of a trailer house writing ag prescriptions in Wray, CO. Owner, Luke Cure, saw an opportunity to bring farmers new tools that provide planting efficiency and further their production through the Precision Planting product line in 2013.


Along with other trusted brands, FarmReign has brought equipment services, precision agriculture technology, and customizable options for all equipment needs.


In 2015, the first SeedReign planter was built with the goal of premium planter performance in mind. SeedReign planters are custom built planters that take the guesswork out of choosing the key products that make the planter operate at its most efficient.


Since our launch of FarmReign, we’ve been blessed to grow our team and expand our reach to Eaton, CO and Sidney, NE. With the support of our loyal customers, we look forward to our future of helping more farmers create their most profitable planter pass.

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