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A little time spent before the season starts can prevent unnecessary downtime when you want to be rolling. Follow SurePoint's 20 Step Pre-Season checklist to be sure your system is ready to go.

Marksman can also be paired with an Agsense FieldCommander and Croplink system allowing for Fertigation based on irrigation system location. This is useful for;


  • Variable rate fertigation based on predominant production zones

  • Starting or stopping a revolution of fertilizer without the need to be at the field.

  • Tracking when where and how much fertilizer was applied to a field.


  • FirstWater Injection controller is simple and powerful

  • SurePoint ElectroMagnetic Flowmeter measures flow of fertilizer or chemical/water mixture

  • Controls pump speed to apply the set rate regardless of product viscosity or tank level.

  • Durable electric pumps are speed controlled to apply the correct rate all day (and night) long.

  • Adjustable off-rate error setting determines when injection shuts down

  • All applications are logged. Marksman creates a record of what was applied and when any error occurs.

  • Accurate application of fertilizer Accurate application of chemicals tank mixed with water Log file provides record of application and any errors Remote monitoring saves labor checking units multiple times per day.

  • If for any reason the unit is off rate, it can send a text message. Electro Magnetic flow meters have no moving parts and are extremely accurate

  • 12 volt pump with variable speed control is cost effective simple system Electronic Pressure Transducer includes pressure in log file and remote monitoring system

  • Multiple modes of operation

  • Apply in gallons, ounces or milliliters

  • Flexible setup to optimize control in unique irrigation situations Customizable to shut down unit and send warning texts at your chosen set points

  • Water proportional control - vary fertilizer proportional to changing water flow. Examples of this are an end gun, corner swing arms or multiple gun systems

  • Pair the Marksman with SurePoint Remote Monitoring for even more control.

  • Log in via any device with a web browser.

  • Text messages are sent when the unit is started and when it shuts down for any reason.

  • Change rate, start and stop pump and troubleshoot.

  • Application log sent to database every 10 minutes

  • GPS position shows location of unit



LiquiShift® Variable Rate Technology provides the ability to achieve the widest range of on-the-go rate changes of any application system available. SurePoint's LiquiShift® will allow for a flow increase of 6-8 times the minimum flow rate the system is configured for. In a scenario with a minimum rate of 10 GPA at 4 MPH, the maximum rate at 6 MPH would be 40-50 GPA (6-8 times the minimum rate).

Never change another orifice. LiquiShift® utilizes Metering Tube to achieve uniform row-to-row accuracy and automatically switches between tubes to allow dramatic rate changes from field to field. Simply set the rate in your controller and LiquiShift® automatically chooses the proper metering tube.


Achieve your agronomic objectives without limitations. You will no longer narrow the range of your liquid prescriptions to get within the achievable range of a single orifice size. With 6-8 times flow capacity your agronomist is in the driver's seat. When the analysis calls for 8 GPA in low-productive or areas with high residual nutrients you will apply 8 GPA. When the analysis calls for 45 GPA in the high productive "black-soil" region of the field, you will apply 45 GPA. No longer will you be forced to over-apply in the poor performing areas.

Faster application and/or planting speeds require larger flow ranges from your liquid application system. High-speed planters designed to work at 8-10 MPH impact fertilizer flow rates by a factor 1.5-2. High-speed liquid applicators and side dress machines create a similar scenario. LiquiShift® is ideal for all of these high speed scenarios.



The SurePoint QuickDraw is a fully automated spray tender system. Manually calculating product amounts are a thing of the past. Enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate and chemical rate per acre - QuickDraw then calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. Create recipes through the integrated touch screen display, or enter them at your convenience on an iPad and transfer them to the controller later through the built-in wifi connection. Recipes are saved in the controller, making batches easily repeatable.

  • Automatically meter 4 or 6 products (depending on model). Manually add up to 5 products for every batch.

  • Fastest batch mixing keeps sprayer in the field longer during optimal spraying conditions

  • Creates a log of every batch loaded. Log file is downloadable via iPad for required record keeping

  • Eliminates math and calculation errors when mixing. Enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals.

  • Micro-Motion mass flow meter for chemical measurement is 0.50% accurate. It measures liquid mass, density and volume. Measurement is not affected by product viscosity, conductivity or other characteristics; therefore no calibration numbers are necessary.

  • 3" transfer pump (sold separately) for 200+ GPM water transfer after chemical mixing complete

  • Optional CleanLoad Eductor on flip down linkage allows dry products, powders, or non-bulk chemicals

  • iPad app communicates with QuickDraw over Wi-Fi. Create and modify recipes and access historical records


The GFX is a floating arm row cleaner that allows you to control how hard it is pushing on the ground. It has hydraulic down pressure and spring uplift, so when you remove the hydraulic pressure, the unit lifts itself out of the ground.

ISOBUS Control

GFX controlled via cab display with Reflex ISOBUS platform.​

Trailing Arm Design

Trailing arm plus patented hydraulic accumulators greatly reduce vibration and load spikes allowing the row cleaner to stay engaged with the soil resulting in better row cleaning.

Frame Mounted

Toolbar mounting isolates row cleaner movements from the row unit allowing for more consistent seed placement.


Depth Control

The majority of GFX users will buy the system with the depth gauging bands installed on the row cleaner wheels. But with GFX, they aren’t strictly necessary. The spring that counterbalances the weight of the row cleaner, combined with the trailing arm design, allow the GFX to be run with just the trash wheels.


This can be very advantageous in many no-till conditions where the thickness of the mat of reside in the field is deeper than the distance from the depth band edge to the tooth of the wheel. In these situations, even if you are pushing very hard on the ground, the depth band can prevent it from getting in deep enough to move the residue.

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